César Castro

César Castro began studying Son Jarocho at the age of 11 with renowned harpist, Andres Alfonso Vergara. He continued his studies with Gilberto Gutierrez of El Grupo Mono Blanco, and at 16, he formally joined the group. With Mono Blanco, Castro traveled through Mexico, the United States and Europe, and began teaching this cultural tradition in community centers, schools and universities in Mexico City and Veracruz. From Gilberto Gutierrez he also learned laudería, how to make instruments used in the Son Jarocho tradition. In 2001, Castro began working with Chicanos in Los Angeles through a bi-national Exchange, Fandango Sin Fronteras, that forged relationships cultivated through music, focused on building community and awareness through social gatherings, el fandango and participatory performance. In 2003 he moved to LA to teach Son Jarocho. At this time Castro also formed Quetzal, one of LA’s cornerstone, Chicano bands.


June 26, 6/28/17 14:05 - 6/28/17 15:20 2nd Session – Youth/Popular Culture