Jonás Cuarón

Jonás Cuarón is the co-creator of films such as Desierto, Año Uña, and Gravity. Desierto portrays the journey of Mexican and Central American migrant workers seeking a better life by crossing the North American desert. It received a Toronto International Film Festival FIPRESCI prize and an Oscar nomination. Cuarón’s first film, Año Uña, also explored the relationship between Mexico and the U.S.A., and was screened at the Venice Film Festival and the Guadalajara Film Festival. It earned the award for Special Artistic Achievement at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Gravity is one of the most highly acclaimed science fiction films in history, winning seven Oscars and six BAFTA awards. Cuarón’s film Aningaaq competed in the Venice Film Festival’s Orizzonti in 2013, and was included in the official section of the Morelia Film Festival in the same year.


June 26, 6/28/17 16:45 - 6/28/17 18:00 4th Session – Film