José Luis “Pacho” Paredes

José Luis Paredes directs Museo Universitario del Chopo, in Mexico City, and is a member of the Association of Art Museum Directors. In 2015, he created the undergraduate degree program Experimentación y disenso: culturas subterráneas y heterodoxas en México 1956-2003, while on the faculty of Political and Social Sciences of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. From 2005 to 2012, Paredes directed the Casa del Lago, revitalizing it as part of the museum circuit of the Forest of Chapultepec, as well as founding the International Festival of Poetry in Voice Over. For ten years he published a weekly column in the cultural section of the newspaper Reforma. Paredes has collaborated with publications including Nexos, Revista de la Universidad de México, and La Jornada weekly. He is the author of Rock Mexicano: Sonidos de la calle.


June 26, 6/28/17 14:05 - 6/28/17 15:20 2nd Session – Youth/Popular Culture