Ravi S. Rajan

Ravi S. Rajan is president of CalArts. Most recently he served as dean of the School of the Arts at Purchase College, State University of New York. Rajan became an Assistant Dean of Art+Design at Purchase in 2005, eventually rising to the position of Dean of the School of Arts in 2012. He is an accomplished musician, performing with and conducting for many large and small musical groups as well as for the theatre. His practice also encompasses producing collaborative mixed-media projects with artists, filmmakers, directors, and choreographers for museums, galleries, foundations, biennials, festivals, and venues public and private. He is a member of the Tony Awards Nominating Committee, is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London, and is Board President of the Asian American Arts Alliance.


June 26, 6/28/17 10:35 - 6/28/17 11:05 Welcome